1. Cost vs Value for Money

Known for their high quality and durability, you might think uPVC doors and windows are expensive, right?

Wrong. They are actually far cheaper than the alternatives of wood and aluminium. They provide more benefits too.

With the added benefits unique to uPVC, uPVC doors and windows provide great value for money. You will be making a real investment because they make your house more attractive to buyers if you want to sell.

2. Durability

Compared to the other materials available, uPVC has a long lifespan. You can expect your uPVC windows and doors to be in top form for 10 years, with some lasting for up to 25 years!

Not only does it keep its shape better, but it’s also non-corrosive. It will not rot like wooden frames can do, nor will it corrode as can happen with aluminium.

It is also fully waterproof and stormproof, so no more pesky leaks or damp patches to worry about.

3. Safety and Security

UPVC window frames and doors make a great choice when it comes to improving the security of your home or business.

uPVC doors and windows use a steel core, which makes it hard to damage and break in through. They also use a multi-locking system with, not one locking point, but many locking points around the frame.

This makes them extremely burglar proof. Tools like crowbars are ineffective at opening them.

While keeping burglars out, their special design makes uPVC windows and doors family-friendly. Their design prevents fingers from getting trapped inside them.

4. Low Maintenance

Once installed, uPVC windows are low-maintenance when it comes to cleaning and caring for them.

They don’t require any specialised treatments–a plus point when it comes to their value for money. Wooden frames need treatment around every 2-3 years which costs both time and money.

All these uPVC windows need is some warm, soapy water and oil on the hinges and locks every once in a while.

5. Sound Insulating

No one likes the sound of heavy traffic or their neighbour coming home from the pub late at night.

As a market leader for noise reduction, uPVC windows and doors can reduce the sound pollution within your home. Whether this comes from traffic, noisy neighbours, or pets, they can make a real difference.

This will help to keep your home a calm, peaceful place to relax or keep your business quiet and productive.

6. Energy Efficiency

UPVC doors and windows provide astounding energy efficiency and eco-friendliness.

Not only are they great at keeping the damp and the cold out, but their insulation properties mean they retain heat in the winter and cool air in the summer.

This helps to provide a consistent temperature throughout the year. It could even mean that you are able to save money on your household energy bills.

7. Recyclability

In today’s society, being eco-friendly and using sustainable materials is an important topic.

With 300,000 tonnes of uPVC windows and doors recycled last year in Europe alone, uPVC is an environmentally friendly material.

One uPVC window frame could be recycled up to 10 times and still provide the same levels of quality. It can be put back into other uPVC windows and doors, or other products.

8. Settlement

They are a great choice for new build houses or those prone to movement.

UPVC window frames and doors are not affected by temperature changes. For example, they won’t expand and contract with temperature and moisture changes like a wooden window would.

If any adjustments are required, this has been taken into consideration in their design to ensure it is kept to a minimum. There are various adjustments points on the frames to correct any shifts or movement within your home.

9. Resistance to the Elements

UPVC doors and windows are completely waterproof and stormproof, protecting your home from any water leaks and heavy rainfall. It is also fire resistant.

These window frames and door frames are tested for ultraviolet resistance too. This ensures that they will withstand damage from the sun’s rays and are not subject to premature fading or damage.

They are also a great choice for properties along the beachfront. The salt blown in from the sea is abrasive and can eat away at weaker materials, but uPVC is resistant to it.

10. Stylish Finishing Options

Whether your property is traditional in style or modern and chic, there are a wide variety of colours, shapes, and styles to choose from.

You can even get them in woodgrain effect to suit those period properties. They’re also ideal for those who want the look of wooden windows but the benefits of uPVC.

With the customisation options available, it is easy to get the look you want. You can make your windows blend in with the rest of the building or to stand out from the crowd.

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