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Soffit Ceiling & Wall System

Introduction :
Polywood Soffit Ceiling & Wall System Panels  is a new type of environment friendly product for wall  decor. It has the characteristics of 100% waterproof,  fire retardant , termite proof,  simple & quick installation.

With our vision to save natural resources like trees, we always make sure to develop and bring the product which is environment friendly and safe to use. Polywood

At the same time, Polywood Soffit Ceiling & Wall System Panels is a very cost effective and durable. We have a collection of vast range of exclusive shades.

Our continuous research and innovation for Soffit Ceiling & Wall System Panels is based on continues upgradation demand and consumption by Architects, Interior Designers, Users. We take care of their different choices, moods, type of application and aesthetically pleasing.

Quick & simple installation
100% water proof
Fire retardant
Termite Proof
Environment friendly

Applications :
Residential Buildings, Bungalows, Institutions, Hospitals, Hotels, Commercial Complex, Office Space, Industrial, Community centers

Shade Card

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