Sliding Window


Introduction :

Polywood Slider windows work well in a variety of rooms. A popular choice for contemporary styled homes, sliding windows bring improved ventilation as sashes can be moved right or left with a smooth sliding motion. Sliding windows feature two [or more] horizontal sashes fitted with rollers at the bottom for swift sideways movement on tracks. Faster and easier to operate, they are great for air circulation and panoramic views. As a whole-house solution, sliders create a stunning look that accentuates modern architecture.

  • Air-tight seals to keep out noise, dust, heat and pollution
  • Multi-track and sash options to cover larger spans
  • Improved ventilation as sashes can be moved right or left
  • Low friction between rollers and track for smooth sliding motion
  • Optimized space usage as the sashes slide and do not open inwards
  • Available in variety of designs, colors and hardware
  • Monsoon track for heavy rains, and hurricane bars for high speed winds
Applications :
Bedrooms, Balconies, Large/Tall openings


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