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PVC Fencing
Introduction :
Polywood fencing can be used for both interior as well as exterior applications. It can be easily grouted over soil, making it ideal for application around household gardens. One of the biggest advantages is that it as rounded edges with plastic fasteners, no metal parts. Therefore, it is safe even when used around children’s. It does not corrode, requires no painting or polishing. Invulnerable to insects or termites and almost no maintenance is required.
There are 2 types of U-PVC fencings –
1.Outdoor UV resistant type – It can be used for both interior as well as exterior applications. It is grouted with sand.
2.Heavy duty concrete filled type – It is used for exterior applications only and is grouted with cement, concrete and iron rod inside the main fence pillars
SIZES(Height): 2ft, 3.5ft
  • Do it yourself concept (easy to install)
  • It beats all weather conditions
  • Water & moisture resistance
  • No periodic maintenance
  • Does not corrode & rot
  • Termite & fungus resistance
  • Fire retardant
  • Non vulnerable to insects and termites
  • Eco-friendly, supports effectively in drive against deforestation
  • No metal parts used , making it safe for kids & their play areas
Applications :
Garden/parks, farm houses, Road sections, hotels/resorts, swimming pool, bungalows, schools, kids play area, pathways

Technical Details

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