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Bay Window
Introduction :

Polywood Bay window is a combination of three or more windows that projects outward from the main walls forming a bay in a room, either polygonal or square. Perfect for creating a private little corner in your home for yourself, the projected uPVC windows can be at various angles with each other. Attractive & Elegant, it is one of the most sophisticated window designs known for its beauty and functionality

  • Weather resistant; Not prone to rust, termite, corrosion or fading
  • Superior sound insulation
  • Up to eight sides possible in combinations of fixed, casement and sliders
  • Safe, secure and extremely energy efficient
  • Expands the view of the room and adds grace
  • Dual sealing keeps out rain, dust and pollution
  • Durable and Built to last
Applications :

Bedrooms, Living rooms and ideal for small spaces

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